Stop Tooth Pain…Instantly!

Toothpastes can take several months of daily use to provide any relief at all!

That relief is very minimal and requires continual use of toothpastes to work.

Hema-Benz® Tooth Desensitizer with Fluoride seals the tooth's sensitive areas and provides relief in seconds and the pain is gone for up to 9 months with one application.

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About HealthDent'l

HealthDent'l has been helping Dentist Worldwide Stop Tooth Sensitivity for their patients and has been used on millions of teeth since 1994. Healthdent'l products were created to eliminate or stop pain fast and are based around our patented tooth desensitizing formulations.

Our products have been sold throughout to the Dental Community Worldwide for over 18 years, and now are available on-line for you to purchase directly to Stop Sensitive Teeth pain fast!

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What Doctors are Saying…

Dave Linde

"I've finally found a product that works better than other products I've used for sensitive teeth. It's HealthDent'l Desensitizer."

Dr. Dave Linde

Cindy Brady

"This is the greatest sensitivity solution I have ever had. I can finally eat without having any problems. Thank you HealthDent'l!"

Dr. Cindy Brady
Hilldunk, AK

Joseph Blaes

"I finally have tried this new desensitizer & have been impressed with the results. Sensitivity is a thing of the past in my practice."

Dr. Joseph Blaes

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